List Your Property

The cost of an annual subscription is now $499. A subscription will include:

  • 12 months subscription with forced online booking. You have no say in this because we need to collect our service fees.
  • Forced Cancellation Policies that allow people to get full refunds if they cancel at least 30 minutes before check in time.
  • Global exposure on international sites which typically cater to hotel crowds. Sure, they can't afford your beach house but, what the heck, your listing is out there, right?
  • No direct contact information about who is renting your house until after they book. We will hide phone numbers and email addresses to keep you in the dark.
  • Rates will be displayed only on your calendar that are barely discernible to a genius, never mind your average Joe.
  • Appearance somewhere is a search, even though rentals a hundred miles away may (and probably will) appear higher than yours.